A complete mobile strategy

An intelligent mobile app service designed to keeps customers coming back

Use the content on your website as a springboard for your mobile app. No code or software to learn, and always up-to-date. Proximics delivers your mobile app as a turn-key service ready for your customers. Add mobile specific content and 3rd party features not possible with mobile browsers. Maintain your brand image and customize your app to deliver the perfect customer experience. 

Connect with the right person at the right time every time

Proximics intelligence is at the heart of your Mobile App


Automatically guide customer journeys in real-time to optimally engage customers across channels.


Execute timely, personalized engagements.
Every message is relevant and valuable.
In-the-moment notifications that inform, excite and activate customers.


Proactively reach customer in-App and with push notifications.
Integrate promotions, surveys, and gamification.


Interact with your customers based on real-time customer activity using location based intelligence, contextual data, and customer-specific data.

Already have an App?

Add Proximics to your existing mobile app with our SDK.


Customers get what they want and need at the right time


Automate campaigns using predictive intelligence


A turn-key solution, no applications to learn or maintain


Use the content from your existing website


Deliver content immediately in response to customer activities


Customize with shopping cart, maps, 3rd party apps, etc.

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